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The goal of Fatbirder Top Sites is to allow websites of various outdoor related categories to gain exposure, a ranking in relation to other sites of the same category and to track visitors, pages they are hitting and demographics.

It's easy to sign up with Fatbirder Top Sites. Once you do so, you will be provided a small bit of JavaScript code, with instructions, to be placed on every page you want tracked. Generally this will be your header or footer page. This JavaScript code will return a small image containing a rank value showing how well your site is doing in relation to other similar sites.

We charge a small annual fee ($25 per year) for listing your site with Fatbirder Top Sites. Why do we charge a fee? For one, we want serious websites only. If you are willing to pay $25 per year to list your site with us, you are serious about your site and making it more effective. The second reason is that we offer a great deal of value:

Ranking is done by considering a number of factors such as new users, returning users and page views. We don't penalize small sites that have a few number of pages, but lots of users. Nor do we overly reward sites that have relatively small numbers of users but large number of pages to be viewed. The exact algorithm used by Fatbirer Top Sites is not disclosed to avoid cheating. We will quickly deactivate any site we suspect of cheating to gain a higer rank.

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The first 50 sites that sign up within each category will get the first six months free!